Conference Facilities

High quality conference services.

Fahari Garden Hotel boasts of three modern conference centers for corporate meetings: Ivory, Fountain, and Duma.

Ivory can hold a capacity of 250 delegates.

Fountain and Duma, on the other hand, holds a capacity of 100 people and 30 respectively.

We also provide the following:

  • Bottled water
  • LCD projector upon requisition


It is quite rare to find a hotel with dual restaurants and bars.

At Fahari Gardens Hotel, you will find two restaurants:

Oasis restaurant

This restaurant is the best suit for families to dine and relax in the swimming pool.

Shibe restaurant

In-house guests will dine in this restaurant as it is the main restaurant.

Both restaurants serve a la carte and buffet menu.

Bar and Lounge

A with the restaurant, we also feature two fully equipped and entertaining bars.


Named after ‘jewel’, this is our main bar. In the bar, you will find local and international alcoholic drinks. The bar has a seating area that extends to the terrace. The bar is partitioned and a favorite among the locals.


Boma, on the other hand, is such a delight. The bar comes with 11 lavish rooms among them 2 executive suites. Boma also comes with a private swimming pool. In addition, we also have a garden with a fish pond. This makes us a great venue for private parties in the outskirts of Nairobi.